Eleanor Tarasoff - Salon Owner


Eleanor has owned and ran salon businesses since 2006. She fully renovated and opened Expressions with her daughter Candace by her side in December of 2011. As the owner of Expressions Salon and Spa she wanted to give the community of the West of Saskatoon a place they could come to take care of their beauty and relaxation needs.


Nine years of being at our current location she has watched the area grow and the business grow as well. Expressions is a local, family owned business that prides itself on its family values, affordable prices as well as its amazing quality and services. Eleanor loves to watch people come into her business and enjoy their experience. If you are a long-time client or a fresh face when you get the chance to bump into her, you are always greeted with a big smile and heart of gold! She is here for you, the public, and all of Expressions clients. She is always thrilled to see someone who loves her business as much as she does

Candace Daley - Esthetician/ Hair Stylist/ Lash Technician/Manager


After Candace’s mother started a salon in 2006, Candace was eager to join her in the Beauty Industry. She went for her Esthetics diploma at Marvel College and a few years later went back to school to receive her Cosmetology/Hairstyling Diploma.


She currently has fourteen years experience in Esthetics and nine years in Hairstyling. Candace is keen on detail, loves to make her clients happy and will make your time with her a pleasure! She is always eager to learn more about her industry and is ever expanding her techniques by taking extra hair or nail classes. She is also currently working towards her Journeypersons for Hairstyling and is currently taking a Business Marketing Course at Academy of Learning. Candace juggles so much, attending school and managing her salon staff. She is a true inspiration to her staff and continues to love working in the Beauty Industry. When booking a service with Candace you will certainly be in great hands! She will do what it takes to make you happy.


Some of Candace’s favorite services to perform are: Gel Nails, French Gel Manicures, Hair Cuts and Styles, Colours and Pedicures

Morgan Muise - Esthetician/Assistant Manager


Morgan has been working for Expressions for seven years and attended Sir Sandford Fleming College in Ontario, receiving her Esthetics Diploma. She has been in the Esthetics industry for eight years.


She is very thankful for all her long-time returning clientele. Morgan has an eye for detail and understanding of the hard-working people in the community's need for relaxation or even just someone looking to treat themselves. That understanding has allowed her to get the feel for what type of service you are looking for and how that service should be performed. Morgan cares deeply about making you feel and look your best. She is always dedicated, hardworking and willing to lend a helpful hand. Displaying these strong qualities she was promoted to Assistant Manager 3 years ago, for her ability to care for the clients that come into the Salon and Spa.


Some of her favorite services to perform are: Makeup, Waxing, Pedicures, Gel Nails, Manicures, Facials, Relaxation massage, Body treatments and Tinting

Brittany Ironchild - Esthetician/Brow Artist


Brittany graduated from Lakeland College in Lloydminster, Alberta and has been an Esthetician for seven years and has been with Expressions for six years. She is extremely dedicated to her work and has grown so much with the company over the years.


She has always been a pleasure to work with, and continues to expand her services and take new and upcoming courses to stay current with our ever-changing beauty industry. She’s our beautiful calming presence in the Salon and Spa. If you are in need of deep relaxation, she is the one to book with. She will do your service with expertise, and let you drift away in a peaceful state while she takes care of your Esthetic needs.


Some of Brittany's favorite Services to provide are: Makeup, Brow Services, Henna Brow, Brow Lamination, Lash Lifts and Tints, Pedicures, Manicures, Waxing, Shellac

Jasmine Pogue - Hairstylist

With nineteen years of experience graduating from Marvel Beauty School. Jasmine's abilities are endless. Her dedication to Expressions has definitely not gone unnoticed. She has been with Expressions for the long run and there is nothing she can't do in the world of hair.


Quality is her middle name and her commitment, experience and love for her clients are sure to have you return. We are blessed to have someone with her expertise and knowledge of the industry as part of the team. The faithfulness of her clients over the years go to show what she is made of and she thanks all of her long-term clientele for their years of return.


Some of her favorite treatments to perform are: Hair Colours, Creative Up-Do’s and Haircuts

Rachel Schultz - Hairstylist

Hairstylist Rachel graduated from MC College and has been in the hair industry for four years and has been with Expressions for three years. She is certainly a great addition to our team.


Rachel has become very confident and creative with her hair techniques and has plenty of satisfied customers who can attest to her skills. When you sit in her chair, her sweet presence and attention to detail will surely win you over. A consultation and service with her is exactly what you need to achieve any look you may desire.


Some of Rachel’s favorite services she provides are: Cuts, Colours, Highlights, Up do's, Hairstyles, Hot Shaves, and Kids Cuts

Kennedy Gruber - Hairstylist

Kennedy has been with Expressions for three years and in the beauty industry for five years graduating from Marvel Beauty School. Kennedy received her Journeyperson’s in November of 2018. She is definitely an amazing addition to our team.


She is joy to work with always making our work environment a fun place to be. She’s so thoughtful and has the kindest heart, she’s always ready to offer a helping hand. She loves to make her clients happy and will do anything to help you reach your hair goals. Kennedy takes her time with your appointment and it will be an absolute delight to sit in her chair. Nothing makes her happier than to see a smile on your face.


Some of her favorite treatments to perform are: Hair Cuts, Full Head Colours, Hair Treatments, Styles, and Hot Shaves

Jessica Bowering - Receptionist

Jessica has been working for Expressions for four years, recently receiving her Diploma for Administrative Assistant from the Academy of Learning.


She is a ray of sunshine for the staff members and the clientele here at Expressions. She is always checking to see how your service has gone and is sure to help you with your every need. She is the smile when you walk through the door and the helping hand on your way out. We cannot thank her enough for all the help she has been to us over the years and for always being her positive self. Make sure to stop by the front desk on your way out to book your next appointment and to take a dose of her infectious smile to go!

Nicky Paulsen - Receptionist

Our newest and sweetest Team Member at Expressions Salon and Spa. Nicky works as our part-time Receptionist at Expressions and we were ecstatic to have her join our team. She is the perfect listener when you give us a ring and need to explain what you are looking to get done. Our receptionists at Expressions are vital to our everyday functioning of the salon and she has proven to be the perfect helping hand. Ask her for help and she is always there for anything that you may need and with a beautiful smile.